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First Heat Sierra Cassidy Cover

First Heat

FIRST HEAT is Sierra’s new Omegaverse erotica!

Allie is a young omega, and her first heat is coming up fast.

The problem is that she’s never been kissed, let alone had sex, and the prospect of getting busy with a stranger to satisfy that primal need doesn’t interest her at all.

When Allie reluctantly chooses Sidney, an alpha who works as a heat helper at the local clinic, her expectations start to shift.

Between the heat hormones and his charming smile, Allie stands no chance and she’s about to discover a whole world of sexual possibilities under Sidney’s guiding hand.

Heat Play Love


Heats make him desperate and that’s the opposite of what he needs to be with his mate out of town. Their alpha roommate is too tempting, and all too willing to give Gray everything he shouldn’t be asking for.


His best friend’s mate shouldn’t be on his radar. But when Gray’s heat starts early and Mateo is away at a conference, it’s all too easy for Lyall to imagine what it would be like for the omega to give in. He would do anything for Gray, and maybe that’s exactly what Mateo wants.


He knows that Gray is in good hands with Lyall while he’s away. His mate going into heat wasn’t in the plan and nothing short of disaster would stop him from getting home to Gray. Will he arrive in time? Or will Gray end up with two alphas?

Heat Play Love Cover
Conference Confidential

Conference Confidential

Abby and Leo don’t like each other. In fact, they’ve despised each other since the day they met. Unfortunately for them, their company has decided they have to attend a conference together and make some new connections to elevate the business. A screw up in the reservations forces them to share a room and brings their belligerent sexual tension to a head when a spontaneous heat takes them both by surprise. With their jobs on the line they have a lot to navigate—the demands of the conference, the demands of Abby’s heat, and the fallout of stepping over lines that can’t be uncrossed.

Salacious Salvation

Chelsea Daniels has a plan.

It involves the seduction of the priest with the smoldering eyes and the reclamation of her comfort in the Church.

The ritual of Perpetual Adoration, brought back to their community church by the new priest, gives her the perfect opportunity to get him alone.

Away from the prying eyes of the congregation, she’ll be able to make her move, and, get the satisfaction she craves.

Salacious Salvation Sierra Cassidy Book Cover

What People Are Saying

"Salacious Salvation brings to life a most forbidden fantasy for anyone who has an extremely sexy clergyman. Sierra Cassidy, brings you body awakening at its finest."

Dana G

"A sweet and spicy story about a divorcee with the hots for the local parish priest. A quick and sexy read!"

June Lemmon

"Ooooh, Father May I, indeed. This is a great story by @SierraCassidyXO that I was unable to put down. So hot, so well written."

C.A. Zon

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