Nicky and the Night Owls: Part Two by Sierra Cassidy

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Before we get into the book recs though I wanted to let you know that my new omegaverse book Nicky and the Night Owls: Part Two is coming out on April 22. Nicky and the Night Owls is a polyamorous omegaverse duet where a shy beta librarian falls for a sweet and spicy pack. Part One is them all actually getting together and dealing with her stalker ex, and the stakes get even higher in Part Two, but now they’re solid and navigating those risks together. 


Now that Nicky’s found a hot, loving pack all her own, it’s time to get down to living the dream, right? 

Well…maybe not. 

After her last job literally went down in flames, the beleaguered beta finds herself on the wrong end of the investigation—and she’s not the only one. Not to mention her newfound family is at odds with a packmate’s biological relatives, and that means trouble for everyone. 

It’s time for Nicky and her pack to stand up for each other, what they deserve, and a few surprises that make it all worth fighting for.

Stolen by Darkness by L.V. Lane

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This title released March 27 and is a why choose monster omegaverse.


Stolen by darkness, I exist in misery.

A throwback with high blood running through my veins, they drain me and leave me broken.

Mocked for my empathy when all others live for brutality and war.

Then out of the darkness comes a warrior. The most wicked and feared of them all.

He wants me, so he takes me, the last fairy with wings.

The Last Rose by Kitt Lynn

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This title released on March 31 and is a dark why choose omegaverse romance with hurt/comfort, and a sweet but broken omega and her pack of not-so-good guys. It’s book 1 in the Broken Omega Series.



When I was young, just before I presented as an omega, a boy in my class told me I was pretty. His cheeks flamed red as he held his breath, waiting for me to respond. I giggled, covering my mouth, the way little girls do when silly things happen.

His eyes went dark as I continued to laugh.

Then he stomped off, calling me nasty names.

I never understood why boys acted like that. They do silly things, then get angry when you smile.

But the thing I remember the most about that moment was it was the last time I felt normal. A few weeks later, during a fancy dinner party, men broke into my parents’ house and killed everyone.

They all died. My family, their friends, the staff, even those awful men that tried to take me away. And the only thing that scares me more than what happened that night, is being forced to explain why I was the only one to survive.

Mason by Leila James

4 10

This title released on April 3 and is a why choose contemporary bully romance with forced proximity, step-siblings, and a college brotherhood. It’s the first book in the Bastards of Bainbridge Hall and is related to Leila’s completed series the Brothers of Hawthorne Hall.


Nothing they’ll do can hurt me. I’m already broken.

When my stepfather dumps me off at Bainbridge Hall, I can tell I’m in trouble. At the mercy of the brotherhood, I’m forced by my mother’s husband to follow their every command.

I should run. Far, far away.

From the moment I arrive, these bastards test me. Every time they push, another piece of my past trauma is exposed. But I’m stronger than they think I am, and I’ve learned the hard way the only person I can count on is me.

One brooding artist. One football god. And one hate-fueled stepbrother.




The plan is simple. Keep my head down and focus on getting the college degree I so desperately want. But this house is not what it seems, and every door I open reveals a memory I had buried deep, things I had willed myself to forget.

Bainbridge Hall. Where the bastards are beautiful, and my nightmares become reality.

Lies Like Rubies Pt 1 by Poppy Jacobson

5 10

This title released on April 7 and is a why choose mafia romance with a single mama and three partners embroiled in the mafia life. 


The dangerous mafia world is no place to raise a child. Nobody knows that better than me.
When my abusive ex returns from exile to snatch our four-year-old daughter away from me, I’m on my own against him, until three men with their own agendas show up and consume my life.
Dante, a violent and unpredictable arms trafficker, promises protection for my daughter in exchange for my body and my tears.
Lorenzo, my brother’s best friend, my father’s enforcer, and my first heartbreak, comes barreling back into my life in the name of keeping me safe.
And Nick, my daughter’s persistent and sexy pediatrician, dives back to the violent life he left behind in order to save us from the dark current pulling us under.
In a world where a woman’s value is defined by her purity, I’m damaged goods, but these men don’t care that I’m a single mom. And I’m going to use every weapon in my arsenal, including these deadly men, to keep Lizzie safe.
Will it be enough?
Lies like Rubies, Part One, is a dark, why choose romance that ends in a cliffhanger. Lies like Rubies, Part Two, concludes Sofia’s story. For a full list of content notes, please see the author’s website. The Lies like Rubies Duet and Diamond in the Dark are interconnected, but may be read separately.

Her Intoxicating Mate by Rianne Burnett

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This title released on April 11th and is an m/f fated mates monster lover paranormal erotica.


When Genysis walked into the woods that night, she only expected to complete her annual blessing. Then a werewolf joins her. Instead of running from the beast, she feels drawn to him in a way she’s never felt with anyone. She’s intrigued until she wakes up to his cocky human.

There’s no denying their attraction, though, and while she doesn’t think that witches have fated mates…she has to find out for sure.

Juneau by Calliope Stewart

7 8

This title released April 17 and is a time travel why choose omegaverse.

Boston, 1915.
Juneau Wilde is the youngest child of the illustrious Wilde family. Despite her omega designation, she is an adventurous troublemaker that spends her days driving her widowed mother crazy. Juneau constantly bucks against the constraints of society, wanting to live the kind of life that the heroines in her favorite novels live.
One night, at a Gala meant to decide her future pack, she touches a mirror and is transported through time, only leaving behind one glittering, gold shoe.
Boston, 2022.
Juneau lands in the middle of a bar owned by Pack Steele, a group of former MC members. It’s there that she meets alphas Rex, Doc, Bat, Storm, and their omega, Podcast. Juneau is immediately charmed by the modern world and by the sweet and surly pack that vows to protect her until they can figure out how to send her back to her own time.
Unfortunately, the pack’s former MC is out for revenge, still angry about the pack’s abandonment of the club. This puts Juneau right in their crosshairs. In the end, Juneau must decide if her heart belongs in the past with her family, or in the future with Pack Steele.

That’s all for now. You can find all of my books and platforms in the description below as well as links to all of the books mentioned in this episode. If you have questions or suggestions for future episodes, please do let me know. And if you’d like early access to these you can join my Patreon where I share them with people as soon as they’re ready to roll. Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you soon for another episode!

Book Links

Nicky and the Night Owls: Part Two

Stolen by Darkness by L.V. Lane

The Last Rose by Kitt Lynn 

Mason by Leila James

Lies Like Rubies Pt 1 by Poppy Jacobson

Her Intoxicating Mate by Rianne Burnett

Juneau by Calliope Stewart



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2021 Omegaverse Collection – contains First Heat, First Heat: Second Chances, Heat Play Love, Conference Confidential, and 2 bonus shorts 

Nicky and the Night Owls: Part One – polyamorous (m/f/nb/f/nb/m), multi 1st person POV 

Nicky and the Night Owls: Part Two – polyamorous (m/f/nb/f/nb/m), multi 1st person POV – currently on preorder 

Luca and Luna – m/f, 1st person POV 

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