Carnal Cryptids: Southeast by Vera Valentine

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This is a reread for me, and I have to say that I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around. When I first read Carnal Cryptids: Southeast I was still very much hung up on the main cast of Carnal Cryptids: East Coast, but with a bit of space I could finally fully appreciate the Southeast characters Vera’s given us. I adored Jess when we met her in book 1, and she’s just as delightful now that she’s a main character. Her squad of men—Dov, Finn, and Eli—are all deliciously spicy in their own ways, and I love that we’re getting to meet some lesser known cryptids in this book, plus a plethora of side characters I’m still hoping we eventually get stories for. 

Blurb: With another summer on the Jersey shore coming to a close, Jess was more than ready to hang up her water park vest until next year. Still recovering from the shock of being kidnapped and nearly killed, she’s barely had time to process the fact that monsters are real.

The impulsive offer to let her repentant abductor-turned-protector crash on her couch is going better than anticipated. So well, in fact, that inviting him along on her annual road trip is a surprisingly easy choice. But when old acquaintances, unresolved desires, and ancient impulses enter the mix, their straight shot down I-95 is suddenly full of dangerous curves.

A threat from the past in their rearview mirror.

Raw hunger, hot and heavy as a swamp.

Sharp, vicious smiles, sinuous as a river.

1400 miles to go.

Kiss of Death by Rhea Watson

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This is a why choose paranormal romance with a secret society and fallen angels told from the FMC’s POV. I love Rhea’s prose. There’s just something so magical about the way she writes descriptions that makes me a little bit feral. Every time Aurelia embraces her own inner darkness was just chef’s kiss, and the way that the fallen angels that love her just want her to take up space in the world and grab what makes her happy is yet another thing that makes me feral about this story. This one is a standalone within the Cronus Society universe and you don’t need to read any others to enjoy this one. 

Do mind the content warnings with this one. There’s a few things I would add to the list, such as dubcon, graphic murder, and the threat of sexual violence since they are not listed in the version I read.


Cronus Society: a shadow organization operating in the grey between humanity and the secret supernatural world. To some, Cronus is a monster. To others, it’s the only defense against a paranormal apocalypse.

In the prison of a possessed soul, he finds me.

In a field of blood, they hunt me.

Bastian, Daemon, and Hannibal…

Once the golden boys of the Silver Plains, the angels I desired in secret are now fallen soldiers in Lucifer’s legion.

Dark, dangerous, and hungry—for me.

Treaties be damned, they kidnap me from the secret society blackmailing me for my gifts, and they won’t release me until I accept that while I loved them from afar a lifetime ago, they loved me too.

That I have always been the missing piece of their heart bond.

Me. Once an angel of no importance, too cowardly to fight.

Me—an angel no more.

We strike a deal. We owe it to ourselves to explore what fate foretold.

The time was wrong back then.

But now?

Trapped in the vast wastes of Hell, scheming fallen and demons aplenty, with three chances for my scarred princes to woo me…

Well, now might not be the right time either, no matter how our hearts burn to bond.

Recent Releases

Knotty or Nice Anthology

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This is your reminder that the Knotty or Nice Anthology, a limited edition collection of holiday omegaverse stories is up on KU to fulfill all your reading desires. If you liked my book Nicky and the Night Owls, then you’ll be pleased to know that my story in this anthology is a sweet and ultra spicy slice of life with the pack in the stretch between Christmas and New Years.

Rising Feather by Merri Bright

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This title came out on November 29 and is the third in the Forgotten Angel series. 

Blurb: What’s in a name? Everything. 

When I left Sanctuary in a cloud of glitter, I thought I knew exactly who I was. But in the Celestial Realm, it’s clear I had it wrong. And so did everyone else. According to the shiniest of all the Celestials, I’m something new and unexpected. To my surprise, I also have a family. But their warm, naked welcome won’t matter, because I may have left a part of my soul back in Sanctuary, and I’m fading fast. All alone, armed only with an unusual gift from the Goddess of Glitter, I must sing myself across the void to rescue my nemesis/secret crush, the lost angel I’ve loved forever, my best birch’s mate-to-be, and the million-thread-count sheets I desperately miss. But to win against the Abyss, permanent, painful choices will need to be made. And this time, I’m not the sacrifice. 

Rising Feather is a humorous, steamy romance that ends with a… Happy Ever After! You do need to read Lost Feather and Fallen Feather first. By the end, the main character will end up happily soulmated, and be reunited with her long-lost, million-thread-count sheets. This book is intended for adult readers and contains real and made-up profanity, a significant amount of violence, and some explicit scenes with more than enough heavenly hotties to go around.

Knot My Home by K.J. Keyes and T.A. Note

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This title came out November 30 and is the debut novel for these cowriters. Knot My Home is a polyamorous dark contemporary omegaverse with friends to lovers and two omegas in the pack. 


Marlow: In the beginning, I didn’t mind being an omega. Until I was taken from my home. From my family and those I love. The past seven years have been my worst nightmare. The only good thing about being confined to this place is Zion and Raiden. I don’t know if I will ever make it home.

Milo: Growing up with her and River, she was and still is my everything. I know she is still alive. I can feel her. She has been with me since that day she disappeared seven years ago. Kai, our roommate has told us he will help us find her. But what if we don’t reach her in time? Will I ever be able to hold her in my arms again?

Omega Lost by Evelyn Flood

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This title came out November 23 and is the second of a series. While you can read it without having read the first book, your experience and understanding will be richer if you read them in order. This is a Why Choose dystopian omegaverse with a traumatized FMC, pregnancy and babies, and a sweetheart pack.

Blurb: They’ve stolen my body. They’ve stolen my voice. They’ve stolen my spirit. I have nothing left to give. 

When Ava is rescued from the cruel clutches of her alpha father and the omega compound, her future is already set in stone. Shattered, traumatized, and hurting, she hides away from the world with the help of the Grey pack. Max, Lucien, Nikolai, and Bastien have their own pain to heal from, but the tiny omega in their midst gives them hope for a better life. A new life. If only Ava could see that, too. When the darkness of their world threatens to destroy them, Ava must decide where she stands. With help from old friends and the support of her pack, it’s time to fight back and make her voice heard. But who will be left standing when the omega creed falls?

The Stockings Were Hung by Vera Valentine and JL Logosz

7 1

This title came out November 30 and is another addition to the wildly delightful holiday hedonism series. It is a Why Choose romance laden with Christmas cheer and puns. The stockings turn into men. If you’ve read anything these two authors have written together this will not surprise you at all.

Blurb: When her controlling, unfaithful husband bans Xmas cheer for another year, it’s beginning to look like Joy will need a Christmas miracle to rekindle her holiday spirit. When an unexpectedly magical gift promises to deck the holiday heck out of her halls, suddenly a little seasonal celebration sounds like just the thing to warm up a snowy Christmas Eve. But just as things are getting toasty, the festivities are interrupted with a chilly blast of reality. Can Joy’s new yuletide companions prove they’re orna-meant to be together and shake things up for good?

The Alpha’s Seduction by Marlowe Roy

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This title came out November 30 and is a dystopian omegaverse featuring an age gap with an older woman, a grumpy/sunshine pairing, and fated mates. 

Blurb: She thought the apocalypse took everything, but in a world dominated by ruthless Alphas, there’s always more to lose.

Della lived through the horrors of TheEnd. Dodging danger and violence for years, she survived with only her indominable independence to protect her. After finding a fragile peace in Morris Hill, she keeps to herself and guards her patched-up heart.

But when a mysterious Alpha with a sexy twang and arrogant swagger upends her quiet existence, she must choose: submit to him, or risk losing everything… again.

Haunted by the failures that destroyed his Pack, Cal wanders in self-imposed purgatory.

When a chance encounter brings him to Morris Hill, he finds everything he’s longed for, including an Omega that sings to his soul.

But everything is not what it seems, and when he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the settlement, he’ll have to decide: stay and prove his loyalty to his newfound family, or take his omega and run.

A Pack Unwanted by Jenny L Black

9 1

This title came out November 3 and is Jenny’s debut novel! It is a contemporary omegaverse with a bunch of queer relationships, is why choose, has the miscommunication trope, and is low angst.

Blurb: All my life I expected to be a beta. When I met a lovely man in college during class freshman year I thought nothing of it. Three years later when I unexpectedly emerged as an omega I was determined that our lives wouldn’t change. Now five years later, my suppressants fail on my mate and I mid-heat. We’re left with very few options: suffer through an unmedicated heat or find some alphas to weather future heats with us. Thing is, I’ve never really wanted a relationship with an alpha. I’ve never really wanted a pack. Will my hormones drive me to do something I don’t want or will I find acceptance and love? 

Tempest by Anna Fury

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This title came out November 25 and is a Solstice-themed why choose viking omegaverse novella with enemies to lovers, fated mates, and he fell first. 

Blurb: I submit to no man. When the gods wash a handsome, broken king onto my shores, I realize the tides of my future are turning. Fares awakens and brashly demands not only my submission, but also my help in returning his stolen throne—all before breakfast. But I am not an omega of his kind. I come from an ancient, powerful bloodline of witches. Submission is not a trait I hold in high regard. My responsibility is to my people, so I make the arrogant, overbearing warrior a deal—aid me in the solstice gifting that bolsters the town’s protective wards, and I will leave with him. It is true that deep inside, I ache for adventure. Still, imagine my surprise when a passionate, stolen moment between us unleashes an age-old power of his people. It is a homing beacon, calling his brothers-in-arms to his side. As a pack, they have only one goal—make me submit, claim me, and take me as theirs. Can an independent, strong-willed witch tame three hulking males, or will they steal my heart and force my submission…

I hope you enjoy, or have enjoyed, these stories. All the links will be listed below for you to check out.

That’s all for now. You can find all of my books and platforms  below as well as all the books we’ve talked about today. If you have questions or suggestions for future episodes, please do let me know. And if you’d like early access to these videos you can join my Patreon where I share them with people as soon as they’re ready to roll. Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you soon for another episode!

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Carnal Cryptids Southeast: Https://

Kiss of Death: 

Knotty or Nice:

Rising Feather:

Knot My Home by K.J. Keyes and T.A. Note

Omega Lost by Evelyn Flood

The Stockings Were Hung by Vera Valentine and JL Logosz

The Alpha’s Seduction by Marlowe Roy

A Pack Unwanted by Jenny L Black

Tempest by Anna Fury



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2021 Omegaverse Collection – contains First Heat, First Heat: Second Chances, Heat Play Love, Conference Confidential, and 2 bonus shorts 

Nicky and the Night Owls: Part One – polyamorous (m/f/nb/f/nb/m), multi 1st person POV 

Nicky and the Night Owls: Part Two – polyamorous (m/f/nb/f/nb/m), multi 1st person POV – currently on preorder 

Knotty or Nice Christmas Anthology – (my story is based on Nicky and the Pack) – currently on preorder 


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