Surrender by Brooklyn Cross

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This title released May 16 and is book 2 in the Lost Souls series. It is a contemporary why choose romance with a motorcycle club, jealous and possessive lovers, friends to enemies to lovers and hurt/comfort.


The glimmer of hope I held was shattered.

Happiness was yanked away from me all over again by the same person that broke me at fifteen. Whether he’d done the deed or not didn’t matter. My mind only saw his face lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.

Kaivan McMillan ripped open the scars on my soul and let them bleed.

There was not a part of me left that didn’t ache, not a piece that wasn’t shredded by the cruelty of fate…or was it?

When you run from your past, you’d better be prepared for it to chase you, and chase me they did.

Would I survive another round with the demons of my past, or would they take me down forever?

War Prize of the Beast by Alison Aimes

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This title released May 16 and is an m/f scifi omegaverse with an enemies to lovers barbarian romance. It’s a standalone within Alison’s Ruthless Warlords series and is being released as a paperback and audiobook in Allison’s Forbidden Warlords in Love Box Set.


A barbarian enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, steamy love story featuring an alien beast who is about to meet his match.

He’s huge. Fierce. An apex predator.

She’s tiny. Soft. Prey.

He’s destined to vanquish, command, kill.

She’s doomed to run, hide, die.

But when the most feared beast on the planet captures his war prize expecting his usual conquest, he discovers nothing is what it appears.

For the first time, defeat might taste sweeter— and steamier—than any victory.

If he can find a way to hold onto his prize.

War Prize of the Beast: A Dark Fated-Mates Romance is a scorching story in the Ruthless Warlords series. It contains star-crossed fated mates, forced proximity, a determined heroine, and a primal hero who will do anything for the female who turns his world right-side up. Their story takes place in the same universe as the rest of the series but can be read as a stand-alone. This story was initially published in the Ruled by the Alpha Anthology.

Angel and Her Champions by Rosemary A Johns

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This title released on May 18 and is a why choose contemporary standalone omegaverse with a beta FMC, a male movie star omega, and billionaire cowboy alphas. 


My name is Angel, and I’m the only Beta professional matchmaker.

I should be getting my own life under control but instead, I’m helping rejected Omegas find their forever pack bonds. Even if I’ll always be alone.

When I save a stunningly beautiful but broken male Omega, for the first time, I wish that I was an Alpha. But when I find a placement for the Reject movie star Omega with the Champion pack on their ranch, to my surprise, they claim us both. Will the two wealthy, traditional, and mysterious Alpha childhood best friends truly bond with me at the end of the trial period?

Or will they only keep the cherished Omega, when my secrets are revealed?

Angel. Her champions. A pack bond that changes everything.

Wronged and Wrecked by V.T. Bonds

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This title released May 23 and is a dark MF monster omegaverse with enemies to lovers, fated mates, and forced proximity. It is book 8 in a series but the books do not have to be read in order.


I hate the ISC. Life has been nothing but misery and torment since they abducted my family and began experimenting on us. 

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect my loved ones, including going toe-to-toe with an ice giant. His subzero temperatures overpower my flames while his brutal hands force my omega body into submission. I fight with all my might until the world implodes and I realize I don’t have a choice. 

I must rely on the alpha I hate worse than the ISC. 

Will he save me and my family, or will he wreck me in ways the ISC never could? 

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