Knotty or Nice Anthology

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This is an anthology that I’m participating in for the Christmas season that comes out on November 11. I’ll be including a story featuring the characters from Nicky and the Night Owls called A Perfect Pack Christmas. This specific story will be a slice of life in which the pack goes on vacation for the stretch between Christmas and New Year’s. There will be tons of spice and sweetness with a little bit of plot tossed in there to keep things interesting.

The blurb for the anthology itself is: Christmas comes, but once a year—far less often than these omegas.

Treat yourself this Christmas to a collection of never before released omegaverse stories that’s sure to land you on the naughty list. But don’t worry, it’s the best list to be on!

This is a limited edition anthology, so make sure to snag it before it’s gone forever! Hot, dark, decadent, sweet—there’s an omegaverse story in here for everyone.

~Participating Authors~

Merri Bright, V.T. Bonds, Kitt Lynn, Jacey Davis, Vivian Murdoch, C.J. Vincent, Carmilla Quinn, Mira Kane, Hannah Haze, Juniper Kerry, Sabrina Day, Sierra Cassidy, Lilith Ramsey, AW Turner, and Zelda Knight

Unshakeable by Molly Mackenzie

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This story is a very sweet historical romance set in Vienna in the 1860s. It is low spice and relatively low angst with a clear passion for history and romance demonstrated by the author. I really liked Molly’s writing style and that was part of what helped to charm me in this book. The characters are also all very delightful and it’s pretty much impossible to not fall in love with the Király family. This is Molly’s debut novel, and I would absolutely recommend it if you are a fan of historical romance.

Blurb: Cultures clash in this steamy historical romance set in glittering Vienna.
Countess Marta von Holstadt knows society’s rules, even if she doesn’t enjoy following them. A lady keeps her mouth shut, marries well, and never works for a living. And she certainly does not spend her entire birthday party admiring a hired violinist, no matter how handsome he is. Hiring him as her music tutor, though—that could make Marta’s restricted life a bit more lively.
Andras Király is certainly talented, but frankly, he’s struggling. Working at a second-rate opera company means he can barely support himself, let alone a sick father and three sisters in Hungary. Tutoring Marta von Holstadt could help him stave off financial ruin. But his family’s revolutionary past, coupled with a growing attraction to his new student, could turn Andras’ amazing opportunity into a disaster.

Though class and country divide them, Marta and Andras can’t ignore their chemistry forever. As a highly improper romance develops, they’re forced to consider if an artist and aristocrat can have a future together … and the consequences of getting caught.

Love, Lorena by Ivy L James

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Love, Lorena is a contemporary romance featuring two lovely ladies in a forbidden love affair. It is low to moderate spice, at least compared to what I typically read, and pretty low angst. Princess Rose is hilarious and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love her. If you’re looking for some quality ladies loving ladies romance, you should definitely check out this book.

Blurb: Lorena García Fernández has built her matchmaking company, “Love, Lorena,” from the ground up, but her parents refuse to acknowledge the business as legitimate. Hoping to impress them, she travels to Ìovoria (ee-voria) to find Crown Prince Callum a match. However, when Callum unexpectedly abdicates, his wild sister, Rosamund, becomes the crown princess and Lorena’s new client.
Lorena knows “Rowdy Rosamund” from the news headlines, but as she helps the princess, she learns there’s more to Rose than her public persona. The two women grow closer with each date Lorena sets up for the crown princess, and Lorena finds herself falling for Rose.
With only a month to find the perfect match, each failure increases the pressure to succeed. How will Lorena choose between her duty and her heart?

TBR Follow Up

From the last video’s TBR I got through a few of the stories! I’m a ridiculous mood reader so TBR books come and go and I may not get to all of them before my brain grabs onto a new shiny. This time my brain let me get through three lovely novellas. If you want more info on these stories you can get that in my last recommendation video. 

Knot Today Satan by Calliope Stewart

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This novella was super sweet, spicy, and creative. I love the things that go on in Calliope’s head that end up on the page for us. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out so I can read more about Luc and Eden. 

Hayseed by Vera Valentine

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The pun names for everything are so goddamn delightful and they’re one of my fave elements of Vera’s writing. This story is short, sweet, spicy, and just laden with beautiful scene setting. Totally recommend if you’re still craving a little bit of spooky season.

Their Monstrous Natures by Honor St. Jean

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I’m mad at this book for making me attracted to skeletons. It was a short and spicy story that was absolutely perfect for October and I’m excited to see what else comes from this author.

That’s all for now. You can find all of my books and platforms below as well as links to all the books mentioned in this video. If you have questions or suggestions for future episodes, please do let me know. And if you’d like early access to these videos you can join my Patreon where I yeet them at people whenever they’re ready to roll. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon for another episode!


Book Links

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Unshakeable by Molly Mackenzie

Love, Lorena by Ivy L James 

Knot Today Satan by Calliope Stewart:

Hayseed: A Scarecrow Monster Romance by Vera Valentine

Their Monstrous Nature by Honor St. Jean:



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