Luca and Luna Cover

Luca and Luna

When wedding day endorphins and a little too much champagne lead to a steamy hook-up, Luna has a decision to make.

Sure, she might have christened the venue’s coat closet with one of the groomsmen, who just happens to be her bestie’s new brother-in-law.

And fine, she hasn’t had the greatest track record with the whole dating thing.

Okay, and maybe it was risky to get with someone where the breakup would blow up her entire social circle.

No problem. They just need to keep their dating a secret. Keep all the feelings she’s having for this sweet, sexy beta bottled up and hope it doesn’t all explode like the champagne that got her into this mess to begin with. How hard could it be?

* This book happens concurrently with the “Nicky and the Night Owls” duology.