Manuscript Critiques

Want your story to sparkle? Can’t afford an editor? Consider a critique!

What’s a critique?

A critique is a combination edit that includes elements of developmental editing, line editing, and copy editing, depending on the condition of your manuscript. Wherever you need the most support is where I will focus.

What do you get in a critique?

Feedback on your characters, plot, pacing, world building, and writing style.

Edit notes for improving flow, clarity, and consistency.

Overall thoughts and impressions of the story as a whole.

Open communication with me through the entire process!

How much does it cost?

The standard rate is $0.005USD/word
Average 20,000 word novella = $100USD
Average 80,000 word novel = $400USD

If you would like a second review of your manuscript after completing your edits, a rate of $0.002/word will be applied. The second review is not as in-depth as the initial critique.

If you need a critique for a book that is part of an already existing series and I would have to read previous books in order to properly critique your manuscript, the rate to read and make notes is $0.0015/word.

If you have a RUSH order to meet other professional deadlines (ie. it’s going to another editor) then the standard rate will be increased to $0.01USD/word. Please see below for typical timeline expectations to see if a rush order is appropriate. I can typically accommodate 2 weeks for a standard novel.

If you have a RUSH order that will be going directly to publication when we’re done, please continue scrolling for information on the PANIC PACKAGE.

How long does it take?

I schedule 30 days for completion if I am receiving a completed draft for an average (80k word) novel. 

Feel free to discuss your schedule and deadlines with me to see if they can be accommodated.

To help you plan, consider an average of 2500 words per day being completed. This will be adjusted depending on the condition of the manuscript and my current client schedule. 

At what stage should I send my manuscript?

You have two main options. You can either send me a completed draft or you can send me chapters as you write. Both options will be charged at the same rate, but will be invoiced differently (ie. a completed draft gets a full invoice up front, and an ongoing draft will be invoiced initially for the words provided, and then through the process to accommodate new additions).

What genres do you critique?

Primary: erotica and romance

I have plenty of experience with all aspects of these genres including dark romance, paranormal, omegaverse, mafia, monsters, weird shifters, etc. The sky’s the limit!

Secondary: historical fiction and fantasy

I have experience writing and reading both of these genres, but they are not my primary client base.

I am open to reading other genres, but will have less experience with them.

Is there anything you won’t read?

Theoretically, all kinks, story premises, and genres will be accepted as I strive to critique from a professional perspective. However, I reserve the right to decline my services if I feel I would be a poor fit for your project.


If you have specific critique needs or questions that aren’t covered here, feel free to contact me via the web form to see what can be arranged.

Your story is yours. I make no legal claim over it and what I read is confidential.

My services cannot guarantee sales, publication, or representation.

All payments will be made digitally through PayPal. Payment is due before work begins.


Is your release date barrelling toward you and your readers or editors have fallen through? Were you not able to get a team together to begin with? Fear not, because I’m here to help. The Panic Package is a hefty combination of developmental, line, and copy edits to get your books publication ready in a short amount of time.
All of the below is applicable to books that are 50k words or more. If you have a novella or short story, please reach out. 

How does it work?

Step 1: 

Choose between two options based on your timeline. 

One month or less: I’ll do all three edits in a single pass and you can implement going along behind me.

One to two months: I’ll do a dev edit pass, you’ll implement whatever of those edits you choose, and then I’ll do a pass for line and copy.

Step 2:

Submit your critique request with your timeline, selection, word count, and applicable information as per the form. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule, but I do need to have space where you are the only client to get through this level of intensity. We’ll discuss your needs and my availability prior to my accepting the job.

Step 3:

Assuming your request has been accepted, you’ll send me a Google doc of your manuscript with editing power enabled, and then I’ll send you an invoice that must be paid up front before I begin work. You’ll also give me a run down of your plot and characters (how you want readers to feel, key details, what you want the arcs to be, etc.) so that I can make sure you’re staying on track with your intentions.

Step 4: 

I’ll begin edits right away and you can work on your revisions as we go. 

If you’re ordering this package that means you know you need the help and you should be prepared for honest and constructive feedback. I don’t pussyfoot when it comes to trying to help your book be the best it can be, but rest assured I’m not going to tear you to shreds. My feedback style is best described as Mary Poppins by my clients. I’ll tell you when you’re doing a good job, but we’re both here to whip a manuscript into publishing condition so being receptive to feedback and being willing to put in the work is essential.

Please be sure that you are going to be available for consistent communication during this process.

How much does it cost?

$0.03/word will be the standard for the Panic Package

Because of the intensive level of work, the skill required, and the time being devoted to this package, the price is considerably higher than my usual critique service. I have performed this package before and am fully aware of how exhaustive the process is.

How is the Panic Package different from a critique?

A critique comes with flagging, and the Panic Package comes with flagging AND fixing. 

For example: if you were doing the punctuation for dialogue tags incorrectly, I would note the first issue, potentially give you instructions on how to fix it if you weren’t sure, and then I wouldn’t flag any others. You’d be in charge of find and fixing a continuing issue yourself. 

In the Panic Package I can do those edits for you myself as I come upon each instance. You’d have the option of it being done via suggestions (if you want to see and approve each one) or through direct editing in the doc. 

If there are developmental issues with goals, motivations, etc. then I’m going to discuss those with you immediately rather than flagging it for you to amend later. This also allows me to continue reading as if you’ve made the corrections we’ve agreed on so I can tailor ongoing edits to the new plan. I will not be rewriting your story for you. Revisions are still your responsibility, but I will help you figure out what needs to be changed and you’re free to ask for additional advice while you’re doing any rewriting. 

For line editing I’ll be flagging (and removing if you’d prefer) repetition, flagging any POV issues, and assisting with clarity, flow, and readability. For copyedits I’ll correct any issues with dialogue tags and sentence structure.

I do recommend that you still employ a proofreader once all of the edits and revisions have been completed. There is a lot going on with the manuscript and a lot of changes that have taken place, and a fresh set of eyes to make sure you haven’t missed implementing things can be extremely helpful.



"“Sierra helped me give structure to my novelette and find my own voice while writing short stories. She encouraged me to dive deep into the sensorial aspects in my style, something I have been praised for afterwards by my readers. I have collected a lot of her advice on stickers and notes that are now hanging on my wall, to remind me of my strong points while I’m writing and editing.”

Clementine Lips

"“Sierra has a skill for seeing both the big picture and the little details. I can pass her a first draft that’s been driving me mad, and when she’s done guiding me, it’s suddenly a lush, engaging story that I can be proud of. Hire her.”.

Lorelei Locke

""I reached out to Sierra for help with my horror manuscript. She came back to me with incisive comments and recommendations about prose, word choice and style that I feel made me grow as a writer, and which I still reference whenever I'm writing a new piece now. Sierra was kind enough to offer her own personal take on the story, separate from the 'clinical' analysis of the piece itself, which was also a useful perspective. Contacting her was one of the best things I've done for my writing in a long time!"

C.A. Zon

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