Manuscript Critiques

Want your story to sparkle? Can’t afford an editor? Consider a critique!

What’s a critique?

A critique is basically a mini developmental edit, potentially with some line and copy edits, depending on the condition of the manuscript. Wherever you need the most support is where I will focus.

What do you get in a critique?

Feedback on your characters, plot, pacing, world building, and writing style.

How much does it cost?

A one-time critique will be $0.005/word. With this pricing a 10,000 word story would cost $50 USD.

If you would like a second review of your manuscript after completing your edits, a rate of $0.002/word will be applied. The second review is not as in-depth as the initial critique.

If you’re interested in a discount and more consistent work, consider my Patreon!

What genres do you critique?

Erotica, romance, historical fiction, and fantasy.

I am open to reading other genres, but will have less experience with them.

Is there anything you won’t read?

Theoretically, all kinks, story premises, and genres will be accepted as I strive to critique from a professional perspective. However, I reserve the right to decline my services if I feel I would be a poor fit for your project.


If you have specific critique needs or questions that aren’t covered here, feel free to contact me via the web form to see what can be arranged.

Your story is yours. I make no legal claim over it and what I read is confidential.

My services cannot guarantee sales, publication, or representation.

All payments will be made digitally through PayPal. Payment is due before work begins.


"“Sierra helped me give structure to my novelette and find my own voice while writing short stories. She encouraged me to dive deep into the sensorial aspects in my style, something I have been praised for afterwards by my readers. I have collected a lot of her advice on stickers and notes that are now hanging on my wall, to remind me of my strong points while I’m writing and editing.”

Clementine Lips

"“Sierra has a skill for seeing both the big picture and the little details. I can pass her a first draft that’s been driving me mad, and when she’s done guiding me, it’s suddenly a lush, engaging story that I can be proud of. Hire her.”.

Lorelei Locke

""I reached out to Sierra for help with my horror manuscript. She came back to me with incisive comments and recommendations about prose, word choice and style that I feel made me grow as a writer, and which I still reference whenever I'm writing a new piece now. Sierra was kind enough to offer her own personal take on the story, separate from the 'clinical' analysis of the piece itself, which was also a useful perspective. Contacting her was one of the best things I've done for my writing in a long time!"

C.A. Zon

Critique Request