Omegaverse 2021 Collection Cover

The 2021 Omegaverse Collection

Sierra has combined all of her Omegaverse books to date in a sweet and spicy collection for all your cinnamon roll needs!

First Heat

Allie, an inexperienced omega on the verge of her first heat Sidney, a charming alpha who’s more than happy to show her the ropes.
Between the heat hormones and his alluring smile, Allie stands no chance as she enters a world of sexual possibilities.

First Heat: Second Chances

Sidney is finally reunited with Allie during a chance encounter.
Now that Allie’s no longer a client and Sidney has moved on from being a heat helper, he’s free to pursue her. Does she want him as much as he wants her? There’s only one way to find out.

Heat Play Love

A roommates to lovers story in which Gray goes into heat while his mate, Mateo is out of town, leaving their roommate, Lyall, as the only one who can help him through it.

Conference Confidential

Abby and Leo don’t like each other. Unfortunately for them, their company has decided they have to attend a conference together. A screw up in the reservations forces them to share a room and brings their belligerent sexual tension to a head.

Two Bonus Erotic Shorts

Sidney and Allie have a naughty adventure at work. Experience Lyall and Mateo back in their college days as roommates.