Nicky and the Night Owls Part One Cover

Nicky and the Night Owls

Nicky Marino’s life suits her, or at least it would if her mom would stop nudging the beta about her dating slump. Now that her brother Sidney’s gotten hitched, the pressure’s on – and a new night shift job at the library makes for a tempting sanctuary.

All’s quiet until an unexpected encounter leads to another…and another..and suddenly Nicky finds herself snagging the interest of an entire pack – and unwanted attention from someone she’d rather forget.

A six-way tale of blazing-hot encounters, tender affection, kinky fun, and self-discovery, Nicky and the Night Owls is a sweet omegaverse story you’ll want to curl up with all night long. So go ahead – grab a cup of coffee and your favorite pastry: it’s time to meet the pack.

If you’ve loved First Heat you’ll love seeing Sidney’s older sister take the lead in her own polyamorous Omegaverse romance. Meet the Pack!

Nicky – beta, she/her, librarian, scent – old books and nutmeg
Billie – beta, they/she, trust fund baby, scent – cardamom and clove
Tony – alpha, he/they, editor, scent – coffee and caramel
Jasper – omega, he/him, baker, scent – chocolate and cinnamon
Hana – alpha, she/her, personal trainer, scent – matcha and mint
Gabriel – alpha, he/him, bouncer, scent – black tea and brown sugar