Sidney and Allie Cover

Sidney & Allie

Being an omega was not in Allie’s plan. She’s never been kissed, let alone gotten spicy with anyone, and now her first heat is coming up fast. Turning to the heat clinic as a last resort, she reluctantly chooses a Heat Helper named Sidney to help her navigate the lust-filled haze of her designation grabbing the reins. Between his charming smile, kind eyes, and thorough experience, she doesn’t stand a chance resisting the handsome alpha. Even though her expectations may shift as they ride out her heat together, a cold reality is waiting on the other side: falling in love wasn’t in her plan either.

Now, after five years of missed connections and longing, fate has a new plan for Sidney and Allie. Every whispered wish and quiet dream comes roaring back when the two are unexpectedly reunited, the same white-hot sparks from her heat in tow. But this time, the universe is going to play dirty. It’s time for this charismatic alpha and blossoming omega to claim the happiness they’ve both been longing for.

Sidney and Allie is an amalgamation of First Heat, First Heat: Second Chances, and First Heat: Tying the Knot, with significant new additions and revisions.