Today I’ve got some more book recommendations for you! 

I decided to get caught up on a couple of Harley Laroux’s short stories while I frantically tried to catch up with my Goodreads reading challenge goals. I’ve already read Dirty First Dates – The Arcade and it was hella spicy. You should probably just read her entire backlog.

The first new one I read was 

Paddled by Krampus by Harley Laroux

1 4

This story was hella spicy and a perfect way to warm up in the chilly holiday season. Definitely pay attention to the content warnings on this one. If you like fantasy, magic, sexy potions, and vengeful Christmas demons coming to punish the naughty, then you should check out this story.


A kinky Holiday tale of strict discipline, hard spankings, and a monstrously large cock…

Alvina is a very bad girl. Instead of learning magic from her kind Master Jareth, she naps during lessons, lies, and steals his magic potions. When she overhears Jareth speak of his miraculous pleasure potion, she can’t resist stealing some for herself. In the dead of night she guzzles the brew, and is overwhelmed with uncontrollable magical orgasms.

Unlucky for her, Krampus – the monstrous punisher of the wicked – is wandering the woods on the night of her deceitful deed, and decides to punish her for her misbehavior.

Alvina is given a hard paddling by Krampus, helpless to escape as her magical arousal keeps her trapped in sensations of pleasure and pain. She’s manhandled easily by the massive man-beast, dangled in the air and suspended to kick and struggle as she’s spanked. Soon Alvina is begging for release, desperate to be stretched by Krampus’s massive cock and filled with his seed.

Alvina receives a final, painful caning from her handsome Master Jareth, as Krampus instructs him in the ways of punishing his wayward apprentice.

Dirty First Dates - The Museum by Harley Laroux

2 4

This story is just as spicy as you’d expect from Harley. If you like thirsty ladies, public shenanigans, and humiliation then you should check it out.


He may look like an angel, but he’s a sadistic devil in disguise…

Ash has been pining after Gabriel for years, and the soft-spoken blond finally asked her out. But Ash is certain that Gabriel’s quiet demeanor hides a dark side: with “PAIN” tattooed on his knuckles, she’s certain that the studious man harbors perverted and sadistic desires, and she’s eager to unleash them. As they wander the beautiful halls of the local museum, Ash’s teasing finally brings out the devil in Gabriel. Ash is a sweet brat as she pushes his buttons, and Gabriel reveals himself as a pain-loving Daddy determined to bring the lustful woman to her knees.

The Stockings Were Hung by Vera Valentine and JL Logosz

3 4

This one is a follow up from last month’s video, and it did not disappoint. Vera and JL always come up with the most chaotic bananapants ideas that just work so well. The puns are fabulous, the characters are delightful, and it’s just such a fun story to take you through the holiday season.

New and Recent Releases

Always in San Francisco by Calliope Stewart

4 4

This title released December 20 and is a short story collection that follows up on all of the packs from Calliope’s Always series – Always Waiting, Always Running, and Always Hiding. With that series complete, you’re being treated to some lovely follow ups. All of the stories take place after the series completion, so be sure to check out those books first.


Return to the lives of the San Francisco Omegas…

This holiday season, take one last look at the stars of the San Francisco Omegas series.

There will be four extra stories for each heroine and their packs.

Coven of Mischief by Miss Renae

5 4

This title released January 1, and is a medium burn Why Choose omegaverse paranormal forbidden romance with witches, vampires, and shifters, and is a standalone in a shared world.

Blurb: Welcome to Blood Moon Academy, your attendance is mandatory. My name is Lacy Raven, I’m a beta witch and this is my second year at Blood Moon. The start of the school year couldn’t be any worse if I tried. Between breaking up with my boyfriend, and always feeling like I’m being watched, I don’t know whom I can trust.

I’m being stalked by a psychopath who believes I’m destined to be his. Students are mysteriously being hexed, and the Council isn’t doing anything about it. 

There’s a mischievous alpha who makes me feel alive again and his beta best friend who pushes all my buttons. Around them, I finally start to feel like the old me. Until one day my world gets flipped upside down. The factions need to come together to fight the darkness. If we don’t, I’m afraid we all might be lost.

Shadowcraft Academy: Jinxed by Yve Vale

6 4

This title came out on December 21 and is a Why Choose paranormal romance with MM in the polycule.

Blurb: No one has seen magic like mine. Ever. 

That makes me dangerous and a target.

The mysterious mage abducting and draining supernaturals has tasted my unique power. 

Now, he will stop at nothing to steal my life force, too. 

Yet, he isn’t the only one who wants to use me for my new abilities. 

While I learn to control my magic, I must also carefully navigate my increasingly complicated love life. 

After he rejected me, my fated dragon mate slowly loses his mind as I move on. 

Even his vampire best friend might switch to Team Shayla. 

Will my druid bond with me in the woods?

And will I finally feel my incubus’ touch? 

Will my fated dragon now force me to wield my magic against his villainous father?

Or will my wolf-shifter professor challenge the dragon’s bond and claim me for his own?

But I can’t lose any of them, since my heart insists that I will need all five males if I’m to save the supernatural world.

Sinful Secrets by Miranda May

7 3

This title came out December 27 and is a Why Choose paranormal romance with the chosen one, redemption, and royalty.


With her coronation just a month away, Hadley must choose her four consorts.

Still reeling from the betrayal of Hunter, Caiden, Marcos, and Kai, Hadley is heartbroken. But she doesn’t have the time to dwell on her pain when she still has to marry in just two months. Afraid to trust anyone, can she find four consorts amongst the sudden influx of suitors she has? Or will she let the betrayal and pain keep her from taking the throne that is rightfully hers?

Meanwhile, Kai is on the warpath. He knows that she will never forgive them, but he will make sure that she’s safe—even if it means putting himself in danger. Hunter, Caiden, and Marcos are trying to figure out how they can correct their mistakes while making sure that Kai doesn’t get himself killed. All four men seek forgiveness that they know is unlikely to be found. And then there’s the fact that someone seems to be trying to kill Hadley—a fact that they don’t mention to the queen-to-be.

Can Hadley forgive the first men that she’s ever cared for? Can they keep her safe or is this Fae Queen’s rule doomed to end before it ever begins?

The Holiday Disaster by Rye Cox

8 3

This title released on December 27 and is an MM slow burn romance with forced proximity, only one bed, first love and opposites attract. 


What do you call being stranded with your brother’s best friend? A Recipe for disaster? Or a dream come true?

Ethan Wang

College is supposed to be my chance to start over. To leave high school behind and focus on my studies to become a vet. Then, I board a plane on winter break and find myself seated next to my brother’s best friend. The same guy I had a huge crush on even though he always seemed to have it out for me.

It should be a quick flight filled with awkward small talk, but plans change when the plane’s engine fails and we have to land in the middle of nowhere. After a sequence of ill-fated events, we’re forced to share a B&B with only one bed. Trapped in a room with a man I’ve hidden my feelings from for years… What’s the worst that could happen?

Kingsley Sharp

I usually get what I want, thanks to my mastery at charming my way into anyone’s heart. That, however, hasn’t been the case with my best friend’s brother. We got off on the wrong foot, and I want nothing more than to win him over.

Now with us stranded together, my chance has come. Stuck in a small town full of snow drifts and holiday cheer, I’m determined to use this disaster to make this a magical holiday neither of us will forget.

Soul Seduction by Nattie Rhodes

9 2

This title released on December 31 and is an MF demon romance with redemption, forbidden love, and forced separation. 


I exposed a demon to the public and another has echoed my soul.

Dante is a Reaper, and he saved me from death’s grasp when I was 19. His cool demeanor is not to be deceived, he’s one of the few Reapers with the gift to Decide, and he’s killed for me.

His abilities make me nervous, but his chilly touch and everything he’s hiding under that robe has my mind whirling. His brother has never met a Seer before, and now I’ve caught his attention, too.

My job wants me to expose Dante, and I try to find a way out of it. They say that unveiling Death will knock the world out of balance, and honestly, I don’t want to be the one to tip the scales.

But, my co-worker doesn’t mind.

I’m fighting for my will to live, falling for an immortal when I know I’m going to die one day, and trying to keep him and his brothers safe from the mess I’ve created.

Death is always waiting just around the corner, but what happens when he saves you? Can I prove my worth and save the world from deception? Or will I succumb to the desire for fame?

Wicked Midnight by M Violet

10 2

This title released on December 28 and is a Why Choose Cinderella retelling with three brothers, forced proximity, and BDSM. 


In the kingdom of Cinder Falls, a Fae princess cannot become queen until she chooses a mate…

The masquerade ball is Tallulah’s last chance to find a husband. If she fails, her worst nightmare will come true… One will be chosen for her.

After a wicked encounter with a seductive stranger, Tallulah thinks she’s found her match. But the masked man flees at the stroke of midnight, leaving her with only the cuff links he dropped, engraved with his family’s sigil.

When Tallulah tracks down his estate, she finds not one, but three devilish Fae brothers—Ramsay, Bronte, and Shadow, all claiming to be the one who defiled her.

Their games are vile, brutal, and depraved… but she can’t resist playing.

Why should a future queen choose just one king when she could have three?

That’s all for now. You can find all of my books and platforms in the description below, as well as links to all of the books mentioned. If you have questions or suggestions for future episodes, please do let me know. And if you’d like early access to these you can join my Patreon where I share them with people as soon as they’re ready to roll. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon for another episode!

Book Links

Paddled by Krampus by Harley Laroux

Dirty First Dates – The Museum by Harley Laroux

The Stockings Were Hung by Vera Valentine and JL Logosz

Always in San Francisco by Calliope Stewart

Coven of Mischief by Miss Renae

Shadowcraft Academy: Jinxed by Yve Vale

Sinful Secrets by Miranda May

The Holiday Disaster by Rye Cox

Soul Seduction by Nattie Rhodes

Wicked Midnight by M Violet



First Heat Series – m/f, 3rd person POV 

First Heat: 

First Heat: Second Chances: 

First Heat: Tying The Knot: 


Heat Play Love – m/m/m, 3rd person POV 

Conference Confidential – m/f, 3rd person POV 

2021 Omegaverse Collection – contains First Heat, First Heat: Second Chances, Heat Play Love, Conference Confidential, and 2 bonus shorts 

Nicky and the Night Owls: Part One – polyamorous (m/f/nb/f/nb/m), multi 1st person POV 

Nicky and the Night Owls: Part Two – polyamorous (m/f/nb/f/nb/m), multi 1st person POV – currently on preorder 

Knotty or Nice Christmas Anthology – (my story is based on Nicky and the Pack) – 


Salacious Salvation – m/f, 3rd person POV 

Playtime with Professor – m/f, 3rd person POV 


PARANORMAL Into The Depths – f/nb, 3rd person POV



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